Carpet Cleaning Services


Carpet Cleaning Services by Advance Carpet Cleaning.  Carpet cleaning in Denver and the Denver Metro Cities keeps us very busy.  We serve all the surrounding cites including Arvada, Aurora, Brighton, Commerce City, Denver, Englewood, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Lakewood, Littleton, Northglenn, Parker, Thornton, Westminster and Wheat Ridge.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Denver

Advance Carpet Cleaning provides expert carpet cleaning services.   We provide carpet cleaning for homes, businesses, retail shops, offices, hotels, motels, apartment complexes, rentals, commercial business complexes.  Anywhere in Denver where  there is carpet, we clean it!

The type of carpet cleaning we provide is steam cleaning.  Steam cleaning is the best type of carpet cleaning because it kills the deep embedded bacteria that gets down deep in your carpet.  Basically what is happening is the hot water and the use of our powerful suction equipment loosens up the dust and dirt and stains from the carpets and rugs.  This is undoubtedly the best method of carpet cleaning.

If you have thick carpets,  an ordinary vacuum cannot get the job done.  You must steam clean the carpet regularly.  Every 6 months is recommended to keep the harmful allergens out of the carpet.  Even the carpet manufacturers are recommending you clean your carpet very 6 months and annually for sure.  Be sure to check your carpet warranty.

Carpet Repairs by Advance Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Repairs

If you are like most families who have children, you may have food stains or traffic stains on your carpet.  These are carpet repairs that can be fixes.  We have all the equipment to re-stretch your carpet.  Or if you have seam damage, we can fix that too.  Food stains some times require more serious spot cleaning.  It may mean more attention to that difficult spot.  If it cannot come up, well we can still fix it.  Sometimes with strong resistant stain situations, a small part of carpet can be cut out and replaced.  Or if you have a burn spot that need to be taken out, we cut it out and insert a new piece of carpet.

Pets Damage Carpets

Carpet Pet Damage

If you have pets, then you have pet dander in your carpets and it gets embedded deep into the carpet.  Pets are also famous for having accidents and the padding under the carpet may also be in need of cleaning or replacing.  It doesn’t hurt for us to do an carpet inspection for Pet Damage.  It is a very simple task to replace carpet padding and re-stretch the carpet.  You will notice the difference in the smell of the room.

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